Look for a feasible solution for higher volume production of your products? We have years of experience in the extrusion process, especially for the heatsinks. The extrusion process is suitable for higher volume production of the parts with simple geometrics. Our engineering team will help you modify your products to fit the extrusion process so that your products can be more reliable and have a strong price advantage against others. Moreover, it only takes us less than few days from the tool design stage to the manufacturing phase.

Tech details

Extrusion is a process generating the fixed cross-section profile. The cross-section can be complex with a well-designed die. Besides the price advantage, it also has the merit that multiple similar parts can share the same profile. Adding only a few CNC steps, we can make a series of products with a single die in a much shorter period. It greatly reduces the development burden.



J&C has more than 15 years of experience in heatsink manufacturing. The fin design suits the extrusion process. However, it’s challenging to make fine features with extrusion. During the extrusion, a long material will be pressed through the die. Without proper adjustments of fluidity, pressure, and temperature, the extruded profiles will easily deform. Years of manufacturing experience is our edge to provide high-quality extruded heatsinks at competitive prices.